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tranformational breath workshop testimonials encinitas california

“This was a completely transforming experience. I was in another world. I achieved a state of relaxation that I had never experienced before. BRAVO Christian!!!”
- Dave Stein, Massachusetts

“I am more in tune with myself. I need to take care of myself and not go through the motions. This event has brought me to a feeling of relief and happiness and calm.”
- M.T., Massachusetts

“Christian, I have been breathing joy! A lot of it! You were a catalyst in my understanding and readiness for connection with the Divine. It's hard to explain, but I have spontaneous as well as intentional connection. It can be almost embarrassing to talk about with others because it seems religious and I have, for so long, talked about ‘the Universe’ rather than having a personal relationship with the Divine - but it's just there and I am very joyful.”
- Britta Voight, Coach, Vista, CA

"Thank you for the last group session. I really respect your work and found it very beneficial. Energetically you operated very cleanly, selflessly and with high integrity; this at an extraordinarily high level I have seen only rarely."
- S.K., Intuitive Healer, California

“I am now breathing right, and it feels wonderful!”
- Trish Gilligan, Massachusetts

“That was the most peaceful I have felt in ages! This is the only method I have tried (and I have tried MANY) that feels safe, comfortable, AND effective, all at the same time.”
- Karin, Mother and Wife, San Diego, CA

“My breathing experience was HUGE. After my session was the first time my body has been totally pain-free in 7 years! Normally when I lie down, I am squirming all over the place with an excess of energy. But I was fascinated to find myself lying completely calm, still, and relaxed as I focused on the wonderful power within the breath. I achieved the state of being in that blissful awareness where I can see everything and understand it all at the same time. I don’t usually receive touch very well, but I was very comfortable with Christian’s gentle, safe facilitation of my experience. Thank you for this gift.”
- Michelle Aceto, Massachusetts

“I found understanding of past situations.”
- Maren Cameron, Massachusetts

“I just wanted to take a quick moment and express the deep gratitude for the huge impact you have had on my life this year. Thank you for introducing me to Breathflow. My experience has been truly transformational. To have a portal to enlightenment as simple and beautiful as breath is amazing!”
- Alex M., San Diego, CA

“After my session, it felt like the sun was shining on me from the inside out!”
- Alexandra Saunders, Founder of Send Me An Angel Senior Care, California

“I wanted to let you know that I’ve been practicing my 100 breaths every night and I don’t only sleep like a baby but I have such a good and extra energy the next day…yay!!!!”
- Anabel Barbosa, Resort Industry, California

"It has been an absolute delight for me and the kids to have met you and to have been in your presence. As it reads on your website, and I experienced that to be true, you emanate a wonderful calmness and peace that touches everybody around you. Very grateful for you to have been here and for the time you gave Pahrump. The work with the kids was wonderful and the results a positive experience for them and me. The Chanting uplifted all of us and it was a blessed experience with all the wonderful energy that was there, created and shared by all. I believe your work to be beneficial to all and all ages."
- Rose C., Nevada

“It gave me revelation of where and who I am and where I should go next.”
- E.F., Massachusetts

“I want to share that I'm grateful to the Universe that I have had the opportunity breathe with you, Christian. You have helped me to understand things about myself that I didn't know or I didn't want to know. Thank you so much; I feel really good, peaceful, and feel like I'm no longer carrying a huge suitcase on my back.

The truly wonderful thing is that—not only did I see a lot of changes in my life—but also family, friends, and co-workers saw the difference. Some of those changes are: I live and enjoy every moment of my life and I'm not thinking for the past or future, I smile a lot, AND I'm losing weight!

I need to say that this path sometimes was painful, other times wonderful, and other times I just felt grateful; but at the end I saw that the seeds of my efforts grow into what is now a beautiful and energetic tree.”
- Anis Galvan, Accountant, California

“I decided to try a Breathflow workshop because I was taken with Christian’s vibrant and bright light, and I wanted some of whatever he had! What a joy it was to experience Transformational Breathing®! With Christian's wise, knowledgeable and loving guidance, I was able to experience a beautiful state of bliss. The workshop was extremely enjoyable and fulfilling with results that have remained as the days have gone on. I feel an enhanced sense of energy, clarity, optimism, and peace. Wow! What a gift. Christian is truly a blessing on this earth.”
- Jill McManigal, Founder “Kids for Peace,” California

“As I check in with myself after my breath session, I have an overall feeling of complete peace, and at the same time all lot of exciting ‘tingling’ energy.—it’s a zing, like putting your finger in a light socket and absorbing all that tremendous energy, while observing everything that is happening in a completely calm state of mind. I feel a deep presence of Connection with something greater….I started to think of how much I juggle everything in life and what a tremendous amount of energy it took. Then through the breath I consciously ‘let go’ and watched all this stuff flow out of my being like papers caught in the wind—what a thrill! Christian, you do VERY GOOD work.”
- Celeste Howe, Massachusetts

“Christian thanks so much for the workshop this weekend. It was truly amazing! The way you teach in the moment and express the evolving breath work is admirable. I look forward to being in your circle of influence!!!”
- Abby E. Gooch, CH.T, Intuitive Success Coach, California

“I just want to say thank you to Christian for the beautiful energy that he brought with him to Cape Cod. I can say that since my introduction to breath work, I have felt in a more peaceful state of mind and just generally happier. I definitely look forward to doing more breath work and will be practicing my 100 breaths. THANKS again Christian!
-Kristin F., Cape Cod, Massachusetts

“Christian, you are doing some great work and are offering an amazing service to people. It is really fun to see this evolve. I am using the breath as you shared. It has really helped me over the last 5 weeks. I have attended 4 funerals and have been with a woman, best friend, who has hospice with her now. The breath work as helped me move through various emotional states more quickly and has allowed me to stay present and centered through a lot of this transition time. Thank you!”
- Gloria Sandvik

“As a host, I found Christian to be easy to work with and to get along with. In my opinion, Christian’s presence with the students was very safe and non-threatening. He is very “balanced” in that his heart is open and he is emotionally available without being gushy, pushy, or needy.

I felt Christian was interested in the process, the experience, and not just the results. I didn’t feel he was out to get something from me or my clients. Christian was very open to give and receive. He has a good head and a big heart. The workshops and events were profitable for me, as well as for Christian.

After his first visit to my studio in August, 2008, my landlord agreed to and actually installed new windows in the studio! Plus he re-did the exterior siding just on my space too! Talk about a new outlook on life! Also one teacher left and three new ones arrived filled with new enthusiasm for Yoga and all in general. Our students have noticed a big, positive difference in the energy of the physical space of the Yoga studio.

Christian’s first visit in August, 2008 was so successful, I asked him to come back for “more” only two months later in October, 2008 that was also successful on many levels: financially, instilling new energy into the studio, offering everyone a new tool, and creating a sense of community among the teachers and students here. I was personally able to ‘let go’ of a lot of old stuff I don’t need anymore; a very healing experience for me.”
- Lynette Walker, Yoga Center of Cape Cod – Owner