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Christian Minson holistic healer former monk

R. Christian Minson, CTBF

Christian is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator dedicated to serving the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual needs of all people. His mission is to encourage and facilitate others to fully express their innermost passion.

For 10 years Christian served as a monastic in one of the branches of the ancient Swami Order. He dedicated himself to the study and practice of meditation techniques that focused on the breath and its affect on human consciousness and divine potential. Christian’s passion for Transformational Breath® comes from his own profound experiences with the technique during a time of exceptional difficulty in his life.

He studied directly under Dr. Judith Kravitz, co-developer of the technique, and founder of the Transformational Breath® Foundation.

Christian Minson holistic healer former monk He has received many compliments on the balanced, nurturing male energy he brings to the session. His zeal for sharing the techniques of personal transformation through the breath can only be rivaled by the passion for his own journey of continual evolution towards deeper and more joyous integration of the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual dimensions of life. When not traveling throughout the country and abroad to share the gift of breath, Christian resides in the town of Encinitas, North San Diego County, California.

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